Special about this project

The re-design of Munichgym's corporate design was a matter close to my heart because I went there twice a week for sports. Whenever I was there, I was confronted with the current design and the wasted potential. At the end I presented the design to the owner of Munichgym, unfortunately the project could not be realized due to budget reasons.


Semester thesis

3rd semester

Kim Brand


AMD Munich and Munichgym


Manuel Trüdinger


Re-Design of entire Corporate Design

Re-Design of a freely selected brand

The task was to develop the re-design of a brand conceptually and creatively in a freely selectable industry. In the first step, the focus was to analyse the brand and its competitive environment. Afterwards, the brand core and brand idea were to be reformulated and then translated more accurately into visual form. Finally, the new corporate design was realized using exemplary application examples.

Logo redesign Munichgym
Munichgym Range of colors
Munichgym Visual language
Munichgym Examples