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Semester thesis

4th semester

Kim Brand

In cooperation with street art artists Desak and Jolanda


AMD Munich and Jack Wolfskin


Hendric Wilke

Manuel Trüdinger


Branding and Innovation

Casual Capsule T-Shirt Collection

People living in urban space like me often ask themselves the question: what do I mean and do I actually leave traces while there are so many other people around me? Street art is a strong example of people who create an urban identity for themselves and make us smile again and again with their works of art. They confront dreary concrete with bright colors. My Urban Paws campaign wants to translate the Jack Wolfskin paw print into illustrative street art and thus charge it with emotion and urbanity.

Special about this project

For this project I wanted to be able to immerse myself in the street art scene and get to know artists and their work. My starting point was the Schlachthofviertel, one of the last places in Munich where artists can let off steam.

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