Semester thesis

4th semester

Kim Brand

and Ricardo Gruber


AMD Munich and Fraunhofer


Stefan Schimmel

Manuel Truedinger


Corporate Identity and Corporate Design

Ahead - powered by Fraunhofer

Fraunhofer set up the Ahead program to provide professional support for high-tech spin-offs. According to the motto "teams first", Ahead wants to bring together the know-how of scientists and experienced founders in a win-win situation. Until now, there has been neither a corporate identity nor a corporate design for this program. The aim of this project was to give Ahead its own face.

Special about this project

As a basis for the design, we developed a detailed brand identity together with Fraunhofer and fixed the founding motivation, core competencies, core values, vision, mission, company goals and the brand as a person. In intensive workshops with Fraunhofer, we gave the Ahead brand a face. In the weeks that followed, each group developed a complete corporate design with all its components: Logo ReDesign, visual language, color world, type system and application examples.

Ahead Logo
Ahead info graphic
Ahead application examples: Website, brochure, leaflet
Ahead application example
Fraunhofer Website

Fraunhofer Website

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