Sustainable Thinking

Brand Strategy

Visual Identities

About me

I am Kim. Designer, art lover, reader, thinker and speaker. 29 years old, living in Munich, working everywhere.

I have studied brand and communications design. While the studies I had the chance to expand my fundamental knowledge by dealing with image sciences, scientific work, story telling and design theory. At the same time I have learned everything about a brand's components such as logo and corporate design, photography, film production, illustration, animation, interior design and 3D modeling. This broad knowledge allows me to create and realize multidimensional concepts that make use of the entire range of possibilities.

With my work I want to make people think. To make them ask their everyday actions and show them, how often we are not aware of their consequences. In my view, it is crucial for each of us that we start now to consciously shape our future and not just let it happen.

Work experience


Self employed_07/18–today

Projects with Sophie Wanninger, Knister Grill, Wedding photography

Focus on brand identity, conceptional photography, editorial design and packaging design.

Visual Design & Communications


Internal: Brand personality design and roll-out of a new Corporate Design, creation of an attractive system of communication assets

External: Persona design, design thinking and ideation, editorial design for guidelines

Graphic Design

Working student at Retarus GmbH_11/16–09/18

Project management launch of "Corporate InfoScreens", employee shootings, design of complex IT info graphics, special interest presentations, online and offline advertising materials

Marketing Operations

Margarete Steiff GmbH_01/12–08/16

Project management of POS campaigns, B2B and B2C catalogues, flyers, advertisements, product management and photography, text creation

Industrial administrator

Margarete Steiff GmbH_09/09–12/11

Dual training, department rotation every two months, getting to know all of the different business areas.

School education

Semester abroad (Milan)

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti_09/18–03/19

Focus on Animation Techniques and Motion Design

Customer projects with San Benedetto, D1 Milano and John Richmond

Brand and Communications Design (B.A.)

AMD München_09/16–02/20

Full-time study, getting to know the software, improve fundamental knowledge and skills, create strategies, designs and campaigns.

Customer projects with Jack Wolfskin, Fraunhofer, Serviceplan, Jungwolf Design, Monopan, Munichgym  

Industrial Business Administrator

IHK Heidenheim_09/13–01/15

Extra-occupational study, classes in the evening, deepening of industry-specific knowledge and improving management qualifications.

College Entrance Qualification

Kaufm. Berufskolleg_09/07–07/09

Obtaining the higher education entrance qualification, focus on foreign languages.